October 25,2022

SEO 101: What You Need to Know about Homepage Sliders

Many business owners are interested in expanding their expertise but are unclear about where to begin. Perhaps you are here because you want to add a slider to your site but are concerned about how it may damage your SEO. Thankfully, we are here today to discuss what you need to know about homepage sliders and their impact on SEO, as well as helpful tips you may need. Read on for more.

Understanding Homepage Sliders

Homepage sliders can be seen on a wide range of websites. Sliders on homepages often show movies or photographs that may be accessed by clicking at the top of the page. Sliders on a homepage serve several functions, including product and service advertising as well as aesthetic enhancement of the website. 

Using sliders on a website’s homepage to engage site visitors in conversation can boost conversion rates. They are inefficient and annoying when used wrongly. Sliders should be utilised on the site only when they improve the user experience. Simplify whenever possible.

The Relationship Between Homepage Sliders and SEO

Sliders on the homepage increase user engagement. In order to view all of the content, users must use the slider, which increases the average session duration. Sliders can also be used to highlight content and encourage more active interaction from users. 

Homepage sliders can be detrimental to SEO. They load slowly, which contributes to a higher bounce rate. Slider content may be difficult for search engines to index, and hence may not be returned in relevant queries. Before settling on a homepage slider, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

How to Build SEO-Friendly Homepage Sliders

  • Ensure Responsiveness

Making the slider on the home page incompatible with mobile devices would be a horrible mistake. Many businesses mistakenly believe that their slider is responsive because their website is. Sliders that are not always mobile-friendly can have a negative impact on SEO. It should be tested on every device before it is released to the public to ensure that it works properly and looks well on all screen sizes.

  • Use Relevant Keywords

Use keyword-rich titles and descriptions when building sliders for your home page. This will guarantee that your slider is search engine optimised. If you add keywords in the titles and descriptions of your slides, search engines will be able to index and rank them better.

  • Keep It to a Minimum

Simple sliders on the home page improve SEO. Long or intricate sliders are difficult for both users and search engines to grasp. When making presentations, make things as simple as possible and concentrate on a few key points. As a result of this, the SEO of your slider will increase.

  • Make Use of Plugins

There are numerous slider plugins available, but not all of them are created equal. To utilise the slider on your home page, choose a plugin that is simple to use and optimised for search engines like Google. Slider plugins that are both lightweight and fast will not slow down a website’s loading speed. It is critical that it is simple to use in order to promote a quick and trouble-free setup.

  • Don’t Skip the Test Runs

It is critical to examine the slider before publishing it to your home page. This includes testing on all devices and screen sizes, as well as ensuring that titles and descriptions are clear and contain a large number of relevant keywords. To avoid SEO damage, it is critical to test your slider before releasing it.


Take some time to consider and research this topic, consider your target audience, and assess your current needs and situation. Before selecting to utilise a slider on your homepage, weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

A homepage slider can increase both the user experience and engagement. When building and customising your slider, it is critical to keep SEO in mind. Following the aforementioned principles will ensure that your slider contributes to an increase in SEO.

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