July 18,2022

Guidelines for Reacting to Unfavorable Google Reviews

Negative feedback about your company might be damaging. Your consumers aren’t happy despite your hard effort to start your firm.

Negative Google reviews may be tempted to be deleted or ignored, but doing so would only hurt your reputation. Taking the time to answer is the wisest course of action.

Reviews have the ability to draw or turn away clients. It’s critical to reply to every Google review, positive and negative. According to recent research, 89% of customers are very inclined to use a company that answers to all of their reviews.

Nobody should be intimidated by negative reviews. They might even help your company. This is how:

  • Bad ratings make positive ones appear more natural and real.
  • Customers are helped by negative evaluations while making decisions.
  • You can gain trust by responding to negative evaluations.
  • Bad reviews are beneficial for SEO.
  • Negative comments highlight the faults in your company.

A customer posting a bad review obviously wants their voice to be heard. Anyone who visits your Google page will be able to see the reviews and your response because it is public. This is why it’s crucial to reply to a negative review appropriately.

Below are helpful guidelines on how to react to unfavourable comments.

React Quickly

Correctly responding to negative reviews and keeping them on your page are crucial, but so is responding promptly. It’s best to answer every review within a day. 

You want the client to feel important and that you value their opinion. A delayed response to a review may suggest that your company is unconcerned and uninterested.

Take Notes

It’s important to listen and comprehend while responding to a complaint. Consider the customer’s perspective before responding, and be sincere and sympathetic. You may win back a customer’s trust by treating them with warmth and compassion. 

Additionally, it shows existing and potential clients how much you appreciate and value their business.

Express Regret

Although it seems straightforward, stating you’re sorry is crucial. You still need to apologise even if it wasn’t your responsibility for the situation. 

To demonstrate that you have understood the customer’s complaint, make sure you have addressed every concern they had. Sincere apologies for any discomfort or trouble this has caused.

Personalise It

Make sure you spend time and effort personalising your message when replying to a bad review. Be explicit about the customer’s problem and include their name. 

Avoid using an automated or broad response. Customers are able to distinguish between an automatic answer and one that is sincere.

Introduce a Resolution

Resolving the complaint is thus crucial. Assure the customer that your business will resolve the issue they are experiencing. Then, by including your business’s contact information in the comment, let them contact you privately. 

You can help your business by addressing the negative review in public. Customers should pay close attention to how you respond to reviews since it reveals a lot about your business and its principles.


Avoid using the name or location of your company in your response. Due to this, it is unlikely that the unfavourable review will appear high in the search results.

Keep in mind that every letter, comment, and review is a chance for your company to expand. Genuine feedback is excellent for pointing out aspects of your business that require improvement. 

Consider all positive or negative feedback to improve your business and the client experience. Only satisfied consumers can sustain a business.

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