Capture the nice things your clients are saying about you, and filter out the guys who just want to see you fail. How's that for a piece of software?

Like Pulling Up To Your Daughters 3rd Grade Dance Recital In A Brand New Lamborghini.

Supercharging your online profile with 100’s of 5 star reviews may be the single most important piece of marketing your business can have in 2022. With 93% of consumers reading online reviews before making a purchase decision, you really can't afford not to have an outstanding online reputation. Something about these shiny 5 pointed objects instills confidence in potential buyers and sends signals to the monkey part of their brain to buy, buy, buy. The more reviews the better! Hundreds of 5 star reviews may seem like an impossible task, but it's actually a lot easier to achieve than you think. You just need the right software, automations and a system to get you there. Lucky thing is you have stumbled onto an agency that has all of those things. Over 10,000 unique client reviews to date and counting!


5-Star Reviews For Our Clients


I’m glad you asked.


Automatically or manually request reviews (from your phone) after a job has been completed. Ping a text message directly to your clients phone that walks them through an easy step by step process to leave a review.


One Poor review is enough to ruin your reputation. Our software weeds out the clients who have had a bad experience and redirects them to an internal feedback form to let you know personally. No More dirty laundry all on your google profile.


Got a good review? You should be proud. We would. Automatically share this review across your social platforms. Facebook, instagram, website. Ect. We integrate with all major social media platforms.


Hurricane Integrates with the world's leading CRM’s and can be set up to automatically send clients reviews when they get moved to the completed stage in your pipeline. Complete flexibility and control that is tailored to work with any business.


Reviews are the biggest buying signal customers use to make purchase decisions. You and I use them every day, so as a business owner why wouldn’t you leverage them.


Reviews don’t just look pretty, they have significant and strong ranking signals for google. This will work to get you higher in your potential customers search results.


Just like wearing a gold chain in the club, a gold star in the google search results will improve your conversion rates. What can I say, people like shiny things.


Bulk requests and automations save you time so you can focus on delivering the best service possible and get paid. And to think my teachers said I wasn’t smart in school. huh.


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What makes burgers delicious? What makes water wet? No but for real. I could sit here all day bragging about what makes us special but I will leave you with something. Instead. Marketers lie, Numbers don’t. That’s why i’ll let them do the talking for me:

  • $10m in additional revenue generated for our clients.
  • Working in over 35 unique industries
  • Over 10,000 individual reviews generated for clients
  • Only work with local businesses
  • Results or we don’t get paid

A lot of marketers talk a big game, but when it comes to backing it up they retreat to their sleep pods and safe spaces, leaving poor service quality and you scratching your head because you are allergic to the massive wool quilt they just threw over your face that is blocking your vision. (it’s a “wool over your eyes” joke).

Just like having no one show up to your 10th birthday party, there’s nothing worse than having your expectations let down (ignore the oddly specific example). That’s why we are upfront with you in how long it takes to see results. You will start to see a consistent jump in results after 3 months, from there it’s pretty much a straight line to the top over the following 9 months of the campaign. We wish it could be done faster but the google overlords have deemed this the only way. I think it’s some lesson about patience and how good things come to wait or maybe just a sick joke the executives laugh about in the office. Either way it’s the playing field everyone is on and we play it as fast as we can.

Of course you can. We would be terrible business people if you couldn’t. We do our best to speak to you in plain english. And we do all the work anyway. That’s why you pay us isn’t it?

We offer a one of a kind guarantee on our service, if we don’t hit our agreed upon targets, we don’t get paid.

At minimum we need you for at least an hour for the onboarding call. After that it’s really all in our court. We will provide you with detailed monthly reporting and you can choose to spend as little or as long looking over that as you like. We respect your time as a business owner, doing as much as we can on our side and involving you in only what is necessary. We’ll handle the new clients so you can handle getting paid.

I guess what we’re trying to say is that you should hit the damn button

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