February 20,2023

Local SEO: Content to Help You Boost Your Ranking

Together with reviving your content, local SEO gives you a considerable advantage in the struggle for the top spots in Google search results. It is a term that all profitable companies prioritise and is the foundation of their SEO marketing approach.

Your startup company needs to produce viral content if you want to rank higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

According to our research, local SEO content can help your local business grow.

Therefore, do we suggest local SEO optimization benefits startups and existing firms locally?

But how?

Because local SEO in Brisbane is more pertinent to your local clientele, it increases website traffic, leads, and conversions. With this targeted approach, you can outperform highly resourced large national enterprises.

By concentrating on a specialised local SEO strategy, you may compete with large businesses that frequently rank for broad keywords and rely on brand recognition rather than value propositions to generate visitors.

Methods or Content Types That Unquestionably Affect Local SEO

Google My Business 

The most efficient strategy to improve your Google listing’s position on Google Maps and increase its exposure in local search results is probably to optimise it.

You must have a Google My Business (GMB) account connected to your business profile to access it and make these changes.

Once you have completed all of the information requirements on your Google My Business account dashboard, your business profile, displayed in Google Search local results, the Google Search panel, and Google maps, will be changed.

To improve your company’s ranking on Google, you must: 

  • Make a GMB account and then confirm it.
  • The information must be current and correct.
  • Add the name of your company, contact details, a list of the goods or services you offer, a list of accepted payment methods, and many more clear pictures.
  • Encourage your clients to leave reviews for your company on review websites.
  • Responses to customer feedback must be prompt and accurate.
  • Via the Google My Business dashboard, you may update your company profile.

Use Blog Content to Improve Local SEO

On blog content, SEO work is primarily done. Keeping an updated blog will improve your results if you are a local business trying to compete in the local SERPs.

If you’re struggling to think of ideas? Here are several examples:

Announcement of a new product, the launch of a new location, interviews, ideas, etc.

Create a FAQ section

Some of the best local SEO resources may be found on FAQ websites. Well-optimised pages may enhance the number of people that visit your websites. FAQ pages are similar to shops where customers can browse and purchase the required problems and answers.

The click-through rate can be increased by creating carefully prepared FAQ pages.

Do Exclusive Offers, Presents, and Coupons

Everyone is an avid couponer in today’s tricky buying age. Make regional promotions that are specific to your clientele’s needs.

You are attracting local customers by providing site-specific discounts. They’ll think you value them. To dominate local SERPs, it is a crucial tool. Any cut is okay.

Prepare News Coverage and Local Events

Producing material that is exceptionally relevant to a local issue will grab the attention of your local clientele more than anything else.

Similar to publishing blog entries on regional news, events, or activities and producing a video for a local or charitable organisation that your company supports.

Producing location-specific web pages with top-notch local information if you offer services in several areas. You can obtain the rating for any individual position using this way as well.

Request Frank Feedback from Your Customers 

Encourage your customers to leave insightful reviews on Google My Business for your company to boost visibility, encouraging additional nearby customers to patronise you.

The 2017 Local Customer Reviews Study by BrightLocal found that 85% of consumers place equal faith in online reviews and personal recommendations.

Here are some ideas to persuade clients to be honest in their assessments of your goods and services:

  • To acquire consumer feedback after the sale, request a personal evaluation.
  • When they’ve made a purchase, send them an email or text asking for feedback (but only after verifying their responses using an internal survey to ensure you aren’t contacting unhappy customers).
  • Thank reviewers, promptly fix any problems with previously published reviews, and ask for their comments.


SEO is quickly changing. You should expect these changes to occur, even if it’s impossible to predict when Google will add new features to its SERPs for local searches. Maintaining a local SEO strategy is crucial because of this. Effective, optimised SEO has huge advantages for every organisation, whether new or old. To get the best results, work with an SEO agency!

Hurricane Digital, a modern marketing company emphasising small businesses, is situated in Brisbane. We execute precisely targeted local SEO with the sole purpose of bringing in more business for you. Our locally-focused strategy enables small businesses to simplify and cut costs from their digital services. Contact us today to know more!

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