April 28,2024

Google My Business Guide for Brisbane Small Businesses

Navigating your Brisbane small business’s online presence in an increasingly digital landscape requires innovative tools and a calculated approach. Embracing the potential of Google My Business (GMB) can equip your business with indispensable strategies to boost your local search engine visibility, attract new customers, and foster stronger connections within your Brisbane community.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Google My Business, from setting up your listing to leveraging key features like reviews, insights, and additional Google services. We’ll also discuss the benefits of collaborating with a local digital marketing agency like Hurricane Digital, your partner in achieving local SEO success.

Google My Business is an essential tool for any Brisbane small business, offering a user-friendly and centralised management platform for your online presence. Optimising your GMB listing can deliver significant advantages, such as increased visibility in search results, enhanced local engagement, and access to valuable performance insights driving continuous growth and improvement.

Read on to learn how Google My Business can revolutionise your Brisbane small business’s online presence and unlock new growth opportunities in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

Setting Up Your Google My Business Listing: Step-by-Step Guide

To harness the full potential of Google My Business, it’s crucial to set up your listing accurately and comprehensively. Follow these simple steps to create and verify your GMB listing:

1. Navigate to the Google My Business website and sign in with your Google account, or create a new account if needed.

2. Enter your Brisbane small business’s name, and select “Add your business to Google” if it’s not listed.

3. Choose the appropriate business category that best represents your products or services.

4. Add your business’s physical location (if applicable) or indicate if you serve customers at their location.

5. Provide accurate contact information, including your phone number and website address, and click “Finish.”

6. Choose the verification method (postcard, phone, or email) and follow the process to verify your listing and gain full control.

Optimising Your Listing: Strategies for Enhanced Visibility and Engagement

Once your listing is up and running, take advantage of these optimisation strategies to maximise your GMB performance:

1. Complete all information: Ensure every section of your GMB listing is fully completed, providing comprehensive and accurate information about your Brisbane small business.

2. Utilise keywords: Integrate relevant keywords throughout your listing, especially within the description, to improve local SEO and enhance search visibility.

3. Add quality photos: Upload high-quality and relevant images of your products, services, team, and location, giving potential customers a visually engaging preview of your business.

4. Update information regularly: Keep your listing up-to-date, reflecting any changes in your business hours, contact information or services to maintain credibility and trust.

Managing Reviews: Fostering Positive Reputation and Customer Trust

Online reputation management is crucial for Brisbane small businesses. Implement these proactive tactics to make the most of customer reviews:

1. Encourage reviews: Promptly and politely request reviews from satisfied customers, whether after completing a transaction or through follow-up communications.

2. Respond to all reviews: Show appreciation for positive reviews by thanking customers, and acknowledge and address any concerns or issues in negative reviews—demonstrating your commitment to continuous improvement.

3. Monitor regularly: Keep a close eye on your GMB reviews to ensure timely responses and maintain a pulse on your Brisbane small business’s reputation.

Utilising Insights: Understanding Performance Metrics to Fuel Improvement

Google My Business provides valuable analytics to help you assess your listing’s performance and inform your local SEO strategy. Key insights to monitor include:

1. Search performance: Analyse how customers find your listing—either through direct searches (using your business name) or discovery searches (using relevant keywords).

2. Customer actions: Review the actions customers take on your listing, such as visiting your website, calling, or requesting directions, to better understand engagement and intent.

3. Photo views and engagement: Examine the number of views and interactions with your uploaded images compared to competitors, revealing opportunities for improvement or differentiation.

Exploring Additional Google Tools: Enhancing Your Online Presence

Complement your GMB listing with these additional Google services to further boost your online presence:

1. Google Search Console: Monitor and maintain your website’s search performance, identify technical issues, and optimise content for relevant keywords.

2. Google Analytics: Gain in-depth insights into website traffic, user behaviour, and conversion performance to inform data-driven decision-making and strategy development.

3. Google Ads: Leverage targeted advertising campaigns to reach your Brisbane audience with precision, driving more leads, sales, and brand exposure.

Collaborating with Hurricane Digital: Your Partner in Local SEO Success

Enlisting the expertise of a local digital marketing agency like Hurricane Digital offers numerous benefits in achieving local SEO success with Google My Business:

1. GMB optimisation expertise: Leverage our knowledge and experience in optimising GMB listings to maximise visibility, credibility, and customer engagement.

2. Local market insights: Benefit from our understanding of the Brisbane small business landscape, ensuring your GMB listing aligns with your target audience’s needs and expectations.

3. Ongoing support and strategy development: Enjoy a dedicated partner in your local SEO journey, offering guidance, performance analysis, and strategic recommendations for ongoing success.


Embracing Google My Business empowers your Brisbane small business with the tools and strategies to thrive in today’s digital landscape. From setting up and optimising your listing to managing customer reviews and utilising additional Google services, seize the opportunity to drive local visibility, customer engagement, and business growth. Partner with the trusted team at Hurricane Digital to unlock the full potential of GMB and elevate your Brisbane small business’s online presence.

Get in touch with our SEO agency in Brisbane today to learn more about our tailored Google My Business management solutions that will help you connect with your local Brisbane community and achieve lasting success.

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