November 22,2022

Website Design and SEO: How Do They Affect Each Other?

Even though it combines programming and graphic design, web design is not just the domain of developers. Suppose you want to get the most out of your new website, you must involve marketers at every stage of the process.

Many companies have separate teams for marketing and development. This is a dangerous error that hinders you from benefiting from quick wins throughout the development phase.

This is so that users may properly navigate a website. A great site’s design affects every aspect of your online presence. Your website, which is also essential to enhance your search engine presence, is where people typically go when they want to learn more about your business.

It’s true that web design has a significant impact on your SEO. Use Brisbane web design that is both users- and search-engine-friendly to maximise your website investment. Read on to know more about the impact of website design on SEO and where to find an SEO agency. 

What Impact Does SEO Have on Web Design?

When building your future website, your team must prioritise SEO best practices over other considerations, such as content and presentation. This is as a result of the three ways that the design of your website affects SEO.

SEO and Human Experience Go Hand In Tandem

With good design, your SEO ranking will rise, whereas with bad design, it will fall. But it’s important to remember that this isn’t about “gaming” search engine bots. 

Search engine bots aim to replicate the user experience of a person. The same issues that search engine bots have are also issues for human users.

If your website is difficult to use and poorly designed, your human customers will stop visiting. Search engines take note of frequent website abandonment and adjust their rankings accordingly.

If your website runs slowly, is challenging to read, or has an outdated design, users will have a more difficult time interacting with it. To keep both users and web crawlers on your website, adopt sound web design concepts.

High-Quality Photos Boost User Engagement

Web design promotes user trust and boosts your authority. In fact, 38% of visitors will leave a website if they don’t like the design. 

By organising your high-quality content within an alluring shell that keeps visitors on your website longer, you may enhance conversions and SEO.

A one-two punch from good design helps people quickly get over their deep-seated mistrust of brands and build relationships with your company. When you combine eye-catching design with informative content, you entice visitors to investigate and engage with your website, which informs search engines that it is reliable and deserving of top ranks.

Simpler For Spiders To Index Your Website

The needs of human users, who should always come first, must be balanced with those of search engine crawlers.

Unintentionally making it tough for crawlers to index your site might damage your site’s SEO rankings. This can happen when you make bad web design selections. According to best practices for web design, your developer will format URLs, text, and images so crawlers can index them more quickly, boosting your ranks.


Web design affects search engine rankings in addition to the user experience. Poor web design methods lower your SEO rating, which lowers your site’s ranking in search engines. Making an early investment in SEO-focused web design is vital since it directly impacts your company’s bottom line. Create a website that looks amazing and performs well in search by utilising best practices for both digital marketing and web design.

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