December 20,2022

Stagnant Local SEO? Do These to Re-Energize Your Results

When running a small business, you want as many people as possible to know for word-of-mouth and sales! To do this, you must make an effort to ensure your marketing is effective. This includes exploring traditional methods such as billboards and television ads and digital options like email marketing and social media. You should also pay attention to search engine optimisation (SEO). This is especially vital when reaching a local audience. Here are some tips to help your business rank better in local search engine results.

Pay Attention to Your Online Business Profiles

Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are the top 3 search engines, so you should always pay attention to the business profiles they provide users. These online data verify your location, contact details, and your existence to potential customers in synergy with your website so they can be found when they type your business name in the search bar.

Cite Yourself Accurately

Adding accurate business citations means including information such as name, address, and phone number about your business which will be visible online when someone searches for you. Leads can find this information on social media, online business profiles (mentioned above), event listings, and newspaper stories.

If you don’t keep your information updated and consistent, search engines might not be able to understand what you are offering, and this could lead to a decrease in your search engine rank. Ensuring your details are up to date is a simple way to help improve your local SEO.

Structure with Schema

If you want to ensure your business is easy to find on search engines, adding schema markup code to your website is important. There are lots of free tools available that can help you achieve this. By providing accurate information, you can create a better experience for potential customers looking for your business online.

Connect with Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are incredibly important for businesses and their websites. It’s important to get as many reviews as possible and to ensure a good balance of positive and negative reviews. Additionally, using relevant keywords in the reviews is beneficial to help improve your website’s rankings. You should reach out to customers, thank them for their feedback, and use the reviews to improve your business.

Localise with Location-Specific Keywords

Website localisation can enhance your online presence if you have multiple physical stores. You should create a dedicated landing page for each store to optimise your website for local audiences. Include the exact address, contact details, and other relevant information for each location. 

Additionally, add localised keywords to the page titles and content to ensure you are reaching the right audience. Area-specific content will direct leads to your landing page and rank them higher on search engines since customers will know exactly where your physical location is should they decide to visit.

In Essence, Make It Easier for Customers to Find You Online and Offline

Placing your province or city on one landing page or blog post isn’t enough. You’ve got to spread those keywords throughout your website so that web crawlers and customers can accurately ping where you are. It may be the difference between serving four to five customers weekly to ten or more once you’ve enhanced local SEO.

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