November 8,2022

How to Effectively Redevelop Your Business Website

Technology and designs for websites are always changing. A few years ago, a best practice could now be outdated. 

For this reason, experts of SEO in Brisbane advise updating your website once every few years to stay up with changing customer demands and technological advancements. A redesigned website can increase traffic and conversion rates, albeit it will cost money. 

Conversely, if the procedure is incorrectly carried out, it could harm your rankings. A good rebuilding project strikes a fine balance between avoiding typical errors and using components designed to improve the performance of your website. 

Here is a website reconstruction checklist for SEO to protect your present traffic and bring in more after the rebuilding.

List Your SEO Objectives 

Your website could have several SEO objectives, depending on your niche. Are you aiming to increase website traffic twofold? Do you want to reduce sponsored traffic while ensuring increased organic traffic gradually? Does your website have to be the exclusive source of leads?

Planning a practical redevelopment strategy that aligns with your digital marketing initiatives is easier when you establish quantifiable, achievable, and time-bound SEO goals.

Review Your Current Website

Evaluating your website’s performance before starting the redesign process would be a good idea. Aspects to consider include:

  • Positions for principal keywords
  • Drop-off rates
  • Form submission volume
  • Users’ time on the site High-performance content
  • Abandoned cart
  • low-traffic websites
  • The ease of navigation, or lack thereof
  • Content that is out of date Conversion rate
  • Dominant domain
  • Quantity of backlinks

With the help of this information, you can quickly distinguish between the positive and negative aspects of your website and keep the ones helping you out.

Strengthen Your Existing Content

An important item on the website redesign checklist for SEO is content optimisation. Ensure that the text on every website page includes keywords related to your company. You must employ keywords your clients may be looking for for this content approach to succeed.

Select one keyword per page and incorporate it throughout the title, introduction, body, meta description, URL, and image tags for the best results. Remember that content optimisation is a continuous effort to maintain your website working for your company.

Carefully Configure URL Redirects

You might wish to remove some pages while redeveloping. Make sure to redirect any backlinks that point to these pages to a website with content that is similar if they do. The URL of a page may also need to be updated or recategorised. 

Make sure the old URL points to the new one. Create a URL map for your site if it has a lot of pages, making sure to map each old page to its corresponding new one appropriately.

Boost The Speed of Your Page

Any internet page that takes more than three seconds to load will likely lose visitors. A fast website is necessary for a great user experience and high search engine rankings. It is a key element in SEO ranking. 

Therefore, increasing page speed must be on your list of SEO-related website rebuilding priorities. Implement strategies like file compression, plugin caching, bettering the content delivery network, and rewriting your code.

Test Repeatedly

Testing the new site is the last step in the checklist for updating a website. Examine the site from the perspective of a business owner. Does the new site adhere to the project charter? Consider it now as a target customer persona. Or, even better, ask someone who wasn’t involved in the design or development to browse your new website.


With a redesign and rebuilding, your rankings can temporarily decline. Website development in Brisbane can increase traffic and boost conversion rates correctly, so make sure to leave it to the experts. 

Brisbane-based Hurricane Digital is a contemporary, locally-focused marketing firm. The main purpose of local search engine optimisation is to generate more leads. Our locally-tailored business model decreases the expenditure and fat of local digital services. Get in touch with us for website development in Brisbane!

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