March 7,2023

Smart Tips on Optimising Your Website for Local SEO — Part 2

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is important to any website’s success. Without proper optimisation, your website may not be seen by potential customers. Local SEO is an important part of SEO in Australia as it ensures customers see your website in your local area. Optimising your website can help you reach more customers and increase your website’s visibility. 

Here are tips to help you optimise your website for local SEO.

Optimise for Local SEO and Off-Page SEO

You need to develop relevant and valuable backlinks from the local SEO and use competitive keywords to rank. With the help of a local SEO company, you may type your business in Melbourne.

If you want to list your business locally, you can use a high authority website in Australia that links to their website. Also, you can use the Marketing blog to get a high-authority list of business listings.

Moreover, guest writing could help you increase your targeted keywords’ rankings. It will help if you exercise caution because selecting a website for your guest post is an off-page action. There are hardly many websites with authoritative content.

Create Mobile Website

Which technology are people most likely to use? Unmistakably, the answer to this question is “mobile.” Do you have a mobile-friendly website? The following topic is raised.

As more consumers use mobile devices, you must ensure your website is responsive. Local SEO heavily relies on a mobile-friendly website.

For a beautiful user experience (UX), you must ensure your website loads quickly, uses larger fonts and visuals, and has an intuitive user interface (UI).

Use Social Media 

People spend most of their time on social media in this information age. This illustrates that small, neighbourhood businesses should use this to sell their products or services.

You may attract many visitors to your website by using the right strategy. Using social media will bring people from all over the world to your website. Social networking is the most effective and practical strategy for increasing brand awareness and engagement, especially if your company is local.

The social media networks with the most activity are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. If you own a local business in Australia, these three platforms should be your top goal to improve your SEO ranking. You can also work with a marketing agency in Australia to help you optimise your social media channel. 

Utilise Voice Search

Although voice search isn’t used now, it will become more common. Therefore, the pattern of queries people might ask while speaking into a device must be optimised for local SEO.

You should be aware that while optimising for voice search, users will use long-tail keywords instead of regular examination. You could therefore need to change your content’s SEO to make it voice search-friendly.

You should consider finding a solution if voice search does not involve your organisation. Also, if you own a local business, you should consider making yourself visible on all channels.

Produce References

Citations may seem complicated, yet they are simple and essential for local SEO. A source is the web company information (name, address, phone number).

You must have enough accurate citations since Google views them as a source of business information if you want to be found by your local clientele. As a result, you must update your content to clear up any uncertainty among consumers and search engine users.

Citations are seen as “table stakes” for local search. It won’t become more visible in the community if you don’t cite your business. Thus, the citation should not be ignored.


Local SEO and digital marketing are rapidly growing. You can never predict when Google may update its algorithm, which could affect local searches. For this reason, you must consistently hold the top spot in local SEO. By putting these ten recommendations into action, your business will gain from local search and be well-positioned if Google changes its algorithm.

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