July 26,2022

Voice Search: Optimising and Making the Most of It in 2022

As voice assistants become more ubiquitous, the need to optimise websites for voice search will increase. These results come from Google, which stated that in 2015, 10% of all mobile queries were voice searches. This number was projected to hit 25% by 2020, so it did.

In this article, we’ll look at how to optimise a website for voice search and how to make the most of it.

Optimising for Voice Search

In order to ready your website for voice search, you should ensure optimisation overall. By this, we mean increasing the authority of your domain, improving your link-building strategy, and ensuring page-loading speed is never a problem. You’ll lose conversions if your website takes even one second longer to load. If you’re using HTML5 or CSS3 to build your website, it will also make a big difference in the way your website appears.

As we discussed previously, one way to improve your website is to create a solid SEO strategy. However, this will not be enough to ensure your success. You should start by searching for the most relevant keywords for your business. You can use the best SEO tools, such as SerpWatch, to find the most relevant terms and enhance your SEO process.

Before you begin voice engine optimisation on your own site, there are some important factors that you need to consider. First and foremost, voice search is much more conversational than a standard search. While you will still have to rank high in search results to gain organic viewership, you must adjust how you speak to optimise your website’s SEO.

How Google interacts with voice search differs from how they interact with text search. When a user searches for something in the text, they use short phrases and a conversational tone. However, when users search in their device’s speaker, they use full sentences, making the query more formal. Users typically ask full questions or statements to a voice assistant; therefore, you should create FAQs about your products or services to answer their most common questions and concerns.

Using Voice Search for SEO

When using voice search for SEO, you should consider the following aspects. First, your whole website should be centred around the business you offer. However, aside from that, it is important to know that mobile plays a major role in voice search. If your business is local, the first thing you should do is optimise your website for mobile viewing. This way, you will be able to benefit from mobile SEO and have a successful SEO strategy.

As a small business owner, you need to take specific action to optimise for voice-search-enabled devices. In one easy step, you can establish your business online and get found by customers. Furthermore, your FAQ page should feature specific words and phrases in order to get the right answers when searchers use voice queries. If your FAQ page is structured well, it will target long-tail keywords and complete questions and answers for users with voice-enabled devices.

Voice assistants often provide answers to user questions by pulling from featured snippets – short, pre-written blocks of text taken from the top-ranking pages in the search result for that search term. Therefore, if you want to optimise for those voice searches by providing the most relevant answers, you need a comprehensive FAQ page filled with rich information.

Furthermore, according to recent statistics, Google prefers long-form content written with a word count of around 2,300 and structured into rich, relevant content blocks around 300 words long. When sourcing content, Google prefers pages that rank highly on a search engine results page (SERP) rather than websites that seem spammy.


Voice-enabled devices are only going to become more popular, and they will change how we search online. With the plethora of useful information available via the internet, more and more people will turn to their voice assistants to find answers to the questions they have.

If you want to keep your business relevant, then understanding more about voice search and optimising it for your venture is the way to go!

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