February 14,2023

How Can Businesses Use Competitors to Improve SEO Campaigns

Every business aims to rise to the top of its competitors. But aside from creating new ways to leverage against competitors in the industry, it also pays to observe competitors and see which approaches work best for them.

Therefore, in the next campaign, businesses can mimic their competitors. They can observe, get the best practices, and implement them themselves. But how can companies use competitors to improve SEO campaigns? Here are some ideas.

1. Identify the Best Keywords

Businesses can use competitor research to identify their competitors’ best keywords by looking at the most used keywords in their content, web pages, and social media posts. It will give businesses an idea of which keywords are most effective for their target audience.

Before you begin your competitor keyword research, it’s essential to identify who your competitors are. Start by looking at companies in the same industry and those offering similar products and services. Once you’ve identified your competitors, you can start your research.

2. Generate High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO. They are links from other websites that point to your website and help it rank higher in search engine results. Identifying the target audience should make it easier to generate high-quality backlinks.

Additionally, it would be best to look for websites and blogs related to your niche and reach out to them to ask for a link back to your website. Businesses can also look for broken links on other websites and reach out to the manager to replace them with a link from their website.

3. Improve Structured Data

Structured data is a way to mark web pages so search engines can better understand the content. It helps search engines better understand the context and relevance of the web page’s content. Therefore, it helps the websites rank on search results.

By adding structured data to the web pages, businesses can improve their SEO and make sure that their website appears in relevant search queries. As a result, users will see the website faster on the search engine and click on it as needed.

4. Rebrand Website Design

Rebranding a website design is a great way to improve SEO. Rebranding involves changing the website’s layout, design, and functionality. It can include adding new features and content, improving navigation, and making the overall design more user-friendly.

All these changes can help boost the website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results. Therefore, there is a chance that the website will rank higher against its competitors, appearing higher on search results for users to click.

5. Write Better Content

Writing quality content is essential for SEO. Content should be relevant, informative, and engaging. Meanwhile, it should also be factual and free from errors. Businesses should also optimise content for keywords and phrases pertinent to the topic.

The content should contain the keywords and phrases that the target audience will likely type into a search engine. Doing this increases the chances of the website appearing higher on the search engine results page.


SEO is a complex and ever-evolving process that requires constant attention and effort to stay up-to-date and successful. Implementing the above tips can help improve your SEO strategy and make your website more visible and successful.

Meanwhile, observing competitors and how they do SEO helps leverage them in the search results. Using their strategies and methods for self-gain is a way to overtake them to the top. Therefore, try observing and learning from the best.

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