January 9,2023

How To Get More Interaction and Engagement on Your Instagram

You’re on the right track if you’re using Instagram to grow your business. This is one of the top two social networking sites in the country. 

Expanding your Instagram involvement is the next simple step to converting your presence into indisputable outcomes.

All user interactions with your post on Instagram are considered engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and saves. 

A high amount of contact shows that your audience may identify emotionally with your brand, which could result in a purchase.

The Instagram algorithm may even favour your post because of higher engagement, increasing the number of relevant people you contact and their propensity to be interested in your business.

It’s not always true that having a large following translates into having plenty of interactions. Focus on creating a thriving, brand-loyal community if you want to engage your fans.

Read on to learn more about how to boost Instagram engagement, along with where to find a local marketing agency in Brisbane to help you out. 

How To Get More Interaction on Instagram

Watch How You Interact on Instagram

Have you ever tried to gauge your current Instagram engagement level? Visit your Instagram profile and select the Insights action button to view this data. The “Overview” section includes the stats you’re looking for and more in-depth breakdowns tailored to your inquiry. 

Of course, you won’t have access to this data unless you move to a Business or Creator account. Before investing more time in your account, it’s critical to understand the engagement rates for your Instagram posts, stories, reels, live videos, and feeds.

Produce Content

Sides and shares are the two most beneficial interactions you can have on Instagram. Provide value on your Instagram account to attract these particular interactions.

Produce something users will want to return to frequently and share with their friends, but avoid making it monotonous. No, a fantastic image is always required for Instagram marketing.

Become An Aesthetics Pro

Instagram visuals are essential since they influence a user’s first impression. If you neglect your branding, a user might never interact with your business again.

Instagram users desire beautiful images on their feeds. People need to trust you to continuously produce high-quality visual material if they want to follow you and contribute to increasing your Instagram engagement rate.

Be Open To Video Content

Try exploring different content types without hesitation. Instagram is promoting user-generated Reels—short videos similar to those on TikTok—on its tab, pushing video more than ever.

Statistics show that 91% of Instagram’s active users consume weekly video content. Video is a constant on the internet, and on our Instagram feeds. If you include videos in your Instagram strategy, individuals interested in that content might start paying attention to you.

Learn About Instagram Users

Nobody enjoys the sensation of being ignored. Simply tapping the heart icon when your followers contact you isn’t better than doing nothing. It’s not exactly the finest method to make someone feel heard if you try to start a conversation with them and they smile and leave.

Create Unique Instagram Reels and Stories

The advent of new methods for publishing material has been one of the most obvious changes to social media platforms over the past five years, and Instagram has been at the forefront of this transition. 

Because they offer fresh and creative ways to engage viewers and because Instagram postings will always be available, using the Stories, Reels, and Live features is suggested. 

Using some formats enhances the chance that your audience will interact with you because they will consume your material in various ways. 

Think carefully about which messaging will work best in which mediums to keep on course. Additionally, you must regularly review your metrics. If you need help creating unique content, you can also hire a marketing agency in Australia to support you. 

Consistently Create High-Quality Content

Particularly on platforms that encourage engagement with fresh material rather than brand loyalty, it is considerably simpler to turn off an audience than to win one. Instagram posts must be highly visual yet relatable, inspiring, and adorable. This is your opportunity to showcase the human side of your business. 

The best way to ensure that your material is Instagram-friendly is to “people test,” which is finding out whether or not other people will connect with, enjoy, or interact with your posts. Your material is on the incorrect platform if it fails the “people test.”


There are many tested digital marketing tips to boost your Instagram engagement. From using relevant hashtags to posting engaging content, using influencers, and hosting competitions and giveaways, it is important to remember that your campaigns’ success will ultimately depend on your creativity and the quality of your content. Therefore, experiment and be creative to maximise your engagement and reach more people with your content.

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