January 9,2023

An Interesting Peek into the Future of Voice Search in 2023

Voice search technology has been rapidly evolving in recent years. By some luck, it will even become more sophisticated this coming 2023, transforming the way we interact with our devices and the internet. That belief is rooted in the fact that innovations are always right around the corner, and just when you think you’ve seen it all, more are bound to surprise you. That said, this article will provide an interesting peek into the future of voice search, some of the basics regarding its process, and its given advantages.

First, let us define what voice search actually is.

Using voice search with commands like “Ok Google,” “Hey Siri,” or “Hey Alexa” makes it easier to find the data and solutions we need to make educated purchasing decisions.

To put it more simply, voice search is the technology that allows us to speak our queries into Google rather than type them. Due to the familiarity it provides, voice search won’t be going away anytime soon. This is something that businesses need to keep in mind when working on SEO for their websites and web pages.

Reasons Why Voice Search Is Better Than Typing

  • When using voice search, you may multitask with ease.
  • To use voice search, all you need to do is talk into the microphone on your device.
  • It simplifies the lives of prominent people in the business world.
  • People can save time thanks to voice search’s efficiency.
  • You may get all of your queries answered in a short amount of time.

Creating Content for a Specific Audience

The way we communicate orally differs from the way we write. Accordingly, we must assume that our listeners will do the same. The language of the people we are trying to reach is likely to be different in both writing and speech. It’s reflected in how our target market conducts research with voice-activated queries.

Instead of doing their search by typing in “Australia tourist spots,” they could verbally ask, “What are some of the best tourist spots in Australia?” via a voice search engine. People like the ease of voice search since they can express themselves freely. They do not wish to spend time searching and filtering down a random list of results.

Some Valuable Facts on SEO and Voice Search

  • Sharing your website on social media raises its visibility in voice search results.
  • Sites that load quickly typically rank higher on search engine results pages.
  • The average page returned in response to a voice search query loads 52% faster than the average page.
  • The typical voice search contains 29 words.
  • If you want to improve your search engine rankings for voice searches, you will need more than structured data.
  • For voice-activated searches, simplicity is usually rewarded.

How Relevant is Voice Search to Your Business?

The importance of voice search in modern business is enormous. It’s gradually making its way into regular people’s lives. It opens the door for a wide variety of companies, brands, and organisations to capitalise on. Improving the digital experience with voice search increases brand recognition.

The ability to conduct a search using voice is a technically useful discovery that is also incredibly handy. Ok, Google, Siri, and Alexa’s recent updates enable more customised responses, data, and interactions.

The more user-friendly your site is, the more people will visit it. Your organisation will be easy to communicate with and friendly to work with. If you want to rank well in search engine results, you need to use cutting-edge voice search technology.


Indeed, voice search will continue to grow in popularity in the coming years. Consumers will continue to demand more and more convenient ways to find information, and search engines will continue to develop voice search features that are more efficient and user-friendly.

Therefore, businesses need to start preparing for the future of voice search now in order to stay ahead of the competition.

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