August 2,2022

What Is CRO and Why It Is Important in E-commerce Part 1

Regardless of whether you manage a Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce store, you must understand how to boost conversions in order to improve revenue and have a positive impact on company growth.

The practice of raising the percentage of conversions from your mobile app or online store is known as conversion rate optimisation or CRO. It involves coming up with ideas for components of your online store that you may enhance. Split and multivariate testing will help you confirm your ideas.

What Does a Typical Conversion Mean?

Making a transaction, customers adding goods to wish lists or products to carts, social media shares, email signups, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) you find relevant are all examples of typical conversions for most e-commerce websites.

The percentage of visitors to your e-commerce store who complete the intended action, which can be any of your KPIs, becomes your conversion rate with these factors in mind.

Why E-commerce Conversion Rate Is Important

The most important activity you need to apply to your company is CRO, yet many business owners and marketers choose to push it to the side.

This article outlines five reasons why CRO is crucial for e-commerce so you can improve user experience and increase conversions on your website.

1. Creates a Steady Stream of Unpaid Clients

CRO helps you increase your current web traffic conversions without increasing your advertising expenditure merely to raise conversion rates. 

With CRO, you may take advantage of the untapped revenue the same monthly website traffic can bring in. That’s because CRO lowers the cost of customer acquisition while raising sales and income.

2. Brings in More Customers to Your Online Store

As your conversion rate is optimised, the cost of client acquisition decreases, and you start acquiring free customers without increasing your advertising spend.

This leads to increased website traffic and revenue, allowing you to run audience-targeted ads and outbid and exceed your rivals.

3. Increases Profits and Revenues

A higher conversion rate doesn’t necessarily mean higher costs. In fact, when you begin optimising the various components of your website, your fixed costs and advertising will remain the same.

You can earn more for your business by taking out variable expenses like additional units, staff, distribution, etc. This extra money can then be used to expand your business.

With CRO, you won’t need to worry about cutting your budget. It will work to improve your website, which will increase the number of conversions, or sales. By increasing the number of conversions, you will also increase the amount of revenue your website generates. 

CRO is a more efficient use of your marketing budget and can save you money in the long run.

4. You Become Familiar with Your Clients

You can learn even more about your consumers and visitors as you implement new CRO methods in your e-commerce store. You find out things like what people require and desire, why they visit your website, and other audience behaviours, which serve as the foundation for CRO. 

When you test various aspects of your site’s functionality, you’ll receive feedback from viewers and consumers, which will help you understand what motivates them.

5. Your Search Engine Rankings Will Be Improved

Today, consumers research businesses and products online before making purchases; thus, search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for many firms.

It will be challenging to attract new clients, increase sales or bring in money if search engines can’t find you. Optimise your website’s pages and main keywords to improve your position in search engine results (SERPs).


By learning these reasons, you now understand how crucial CRO is. Ultimately, when you invest in and implement CRO methods on your website, you initiate a growth loop that has a snowball effect on your traffic, conversions, and profitability without having to increase your advertising budget.

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